Golf Course Rules

MCC Course Rules

  1. Everyone needs to sign in at Clubhouse prior to playing golf.
  2. If #1 tee is stacked, you may start play on Hole #5 (only if there is nobody on Hole #4).
  3. Starting groups will alternate with players coming off from Hole #9 Green.
  4. Food and drinks for golfing and swimming must be bought at the Club. Please don’t bring your own.
  5. Keep golf carts on the cart paths when possible, and don’t park near the greens or sand traps unless physically necessary.
  6. Golf cart operation: Members’ children that are 14 and older may operate a golf cart.
  7. Watch yourself for “slow play.” If people are waiting behind you, allow them to play through.
  8. Play in foursomes when possible to speed up play. Fivesomes are allowed, but are discouraged when the course is busy. If a group chooses to play in a fivesome, they are required to everyone play through that catches up to them.
  9. Golfers should place their signed & dated scorecards at the clubhouse or in the mailbox at the Pro Shop.
  10. Social Members may play six (6) times per year and are subject to regular Green Fees. Ladies’ & Men’s Best Shot and Couples Night Golf events count toward the six visits.
    Exception: Non-Profit Fundraisers and 18-Hole Tournaments do not count.
  11. Members should congenially police other members and guests on our rules. Any deviation from the rules will be at the discretion of the Clubhouse & Board. If everyone obeys our rules, it’s fun for all!!

Golf Cart Operation

Members’ children that are 14 years and older may operate a golf cart.