Pool Survey

       An informational meeting was held Tuesday, Nov. 13, 2018, for all members to learn about & discuss what our board of directors have gathered concerning costs involved in building a new pool or filling in the old pool & repurposing that area for future use.


Pool Bids Summery      


  1. Sunrise Pool Builders, Inc. $94,375

Would keep the pool as is smoothing the walls & floor to accept a plastic liner, which is included. It does not include removal & replacement of present deck ($50- 80,000); plumbing electrical& gas piping ($15-20,000); any costs for fencing, landscaping or baby pool ($10-15,000). When all that is added in the actual cost comes to ($180-229,000) total.

  1. Sunrise 2nd Proposal is $220,578

This option also omits and mention of labor performed by subcontractors, only mentions equipment. Labor would add up to ($75-115,000). For a total bid of ($296-336,000). This would also be a pool the same size as we have now.


  1. Splash Pool & Spa Builders $146,000

This bid is for a much smaller pool, 20 x 40 feet with 3-5 ft. depth 800 sq. ft. of spray on shotcrete. This price does not include subcontractor fees for removal of old pool ($15-30,000); gas, plumbing, electrical & heater ($15-20,000); replacement of cement deck ($20-40,000); the cost of their proposed decorative tile ($2-4000); or fencing, landscaping or the baby pool. Extra cost here amount to ($60-106,000) making the actual cost closer to ($206-252, 000) for a %60 smaller pool.

  1. Sentry Pool, Inc $308,000

This is a 30 X 60 pool, 3-6 ft depth, 1800 sq. ft. the most complete of all the bids along with their 2nd bid below. Both bids include labor & material as well as old pool removal and replacement of the concrete and baby pool. Only thin g not included are the fence & landscaping & venting for the heater & equipment room ($10-14,000) est. making this bid possibly $318-322,000.

  1. Sentry Pool 2nd Bid $150,000 for a 20X40 ft. 3-5 ft. depth

Everything covered as in their 1st bid with the exception of the landscaping etc. for a total of ($160-164,000), but only 800 sq. ft.

  1. Fill in & cement over existing old pool $27,350

Excavation & breakup of the pool floor and filling dirt or fill lime ($10-12,000) would best be done during the winter when the ground under the parking lot & driveway is completely frozen to prevent severe damage to our blacktop form heavy equipment.  The balance of ($15-17,000) to install a 4 in. thick concrete pad after it settles. Could wait for 1-2 years to avoid possibility of needing to assess membership for the cost.

  1. Blacktop Driveway & Pool Area Parking $10-20,000

Whether we fill in the pool or replace it with a new one, we may need to repair our blacktop where the heavy trucks have torn it up.  We will incur damage even in the winter as fragile as our parking lot is. When those multi-axle vehicles turn & turn around there is terrible pressure on the road especially when they are loaded.  Cement trucks in the warm months will finish it off for sure. That being said, I believe we need to be prepared for the probability of having to spend what I am hoping would be no more than $10-20,000 to repair the damage. This will be on top of whatever is spent on any pool choices or fill in option. These last 2 items, the pool fill in and blacktop look to me like they will generate am assessment at some point.


New pool

To remove the old pool & replace with a new one that has all the up to date plumbing, electrical, & chlorination equipment required by the state will cost approximately $300,000.00.  To do that we would need to borrow those funds from the bank.  At present our by-laws limit us to a maximum loan of $250,000.00.  We would need to vote to increase that limit or come up with $50,000.00 by assessing our members for that amount before proceeding.  At present we have 147 members.  That works out to $341.00 per membership.  The bank will not loan the club the remaining $250,000.00 unless we can show them how we are going to make the payments each year.  Without a sudden increase in membership or some other means of making those yearly payments, the only way we can guarantee those payments is to assess members.

Whenever we start discussing assessment of members, we run the risk of losing those unwilling or unable to make those payments.  That being said, for every one we lose the assessment increases on the rest of us.  We are in the process of trying to get new members through our graduated new membership plan started this past spring.  It will make that process much more difficult if new members are asked to pay an assessment right away on top of their reduced membership payment.  The board is working on & will continue  to discuss & try new ways to increase membership, but nothing we do in the near future will make enough of an impact to improve this quickly.